Earn an extra $25 per week

Solar never made sense for landlords – until now. Hembrows in conjunction with SunYield® now enable you to sell the power generated on your roof straight to your tenant.

* $25pw is calculated based on 35% usage of generated power at current


What is SunYield®

SunYield® allows both the landlord and the tenant to benefit from solar on new build and existing rental properties.

We install a 6.5KW Solar System capable of producing up to 10,000kWh per year, and then connect a SunYield® Smart Board in your home that effectively replaces your meter box. It’s 4G data enabled allowing you to monitor your earnings in real time via the SunYield® App.


Simple Accounts

After handover, a Landlord Account will be set up in your name with our partner energy provider, Powershop. This is a one-time setup for the ongoing management of your SunYield® system, no matter how many times new tenants move in.

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Direct Payments

There are 2 different rates paid to you for the solar power your property (or properties) produce:

  • ‘Premium’ is paid to you for solar used by your tenant

  • ‘Base’ is paid for excess solar not used by the tenant that is subsequently exported to the grid

Real Savings

It’s a win win for you AND your tenants. Landlords stand to make approx. $25 extra per week, and your tenants get a 30% discount on power used that is generated by the panels, meaning the average tenant could spend roughly $275 less on power bills each year. When a new tenant moves in, all they need to do is contact Powershop to receive the discounted rate for the power.


Landlords have long missed out on the benefits of solar simply because it was too hard to justify the cost. SunYield® is a game changer.