Go green with Hembrow's


Hembrow’s has installed over 25,000 solar systems in south east Queensland. This makes us one of the largest installers in Australia. But size isn’t everything. We are also Master Electricians and the quality and safety of our work is what is most important to us. We only use the highest quality gear, right down to the cabling and switches, because we’ve been around long enough to know that it matters.



Hembrow’s is wholly Queensland owned and operated. We have a real office with over 100 staff, the majority are electrical tradesmen who are employed full-time. We are not just a website or a call centre and we will not subcontract your solar installation to another company. You can be sure that the company you sign up with will be the same company who gets up on your roof to install the system.


Take your business into the 21st century

Every business has a unique power usage profile depending on their hours of operation and equipment used. To design the right solar system, the first step is to take the time to understand how a business uses power.

Hembrow’s assess each site individually, collect relevant data on usage and work with solar engineers to develop an unbiased expert recommendation on what system is best for the site and detailed financial projections for the investment.

Like any business investment, it is important to fully understand the risks and returns. The information we provide is independently verified and based on real data collected from your business.