Doing Our Part To Keep Avo Prices Down


Need another reason to eat yummy avocados?

Just north of Toowoomba, the large Balmoral Avocado Orchard is situated in the clean, crisp mountain air on the summit of the Australian Great Dividing Range, South East Queensland, which has been producing Hass avocados since 1988. [] Water is a valuable resource but as every farmer knows, crop requires a lot of it. Luckily, an abundant supply of fresh water ensures that Balmoral Orchard is fully “drought proofed”.  Run-off surface rain-water is collected by a system of contour banks into dams and this supply is supplemented by bore water if required.  [] In order to off-set the energy used by one of their bore-pumps, Hembrow’s installed their first ever ground-mounted PV system.

Using 317x 315w Canadian solar panels combined with 4x 25kW Schneider inverters, the farm can now run their bore-pump without having to fear a large increase in their power bill.

Balmoral Orchard has over 12,000 Hass avocado trees planted on 198 hectares of gently sloping land at an altitude of over 2,000 feet. Given the uneven terrain, it was quite a challenge to mount this system to the ground. With the help of Clenergy Solar Terrace 2, this problem was overcome quickly and the results look amazing. The system can now produce a maximum of 400kWh a day of energy; delivering a quarter of the energy the bore-pump requires.

Now the Orchard does not only make use of its natural water supplies but also of the free energy the sun provides. Sounds like another good reason to eat more avocados, doesn’t it?